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Thread: terms of urdu grammar

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    terms of urdu grammar

    1. masdar
    2. tazkeer o tanees
    3. asmaa e sift
    4. izafat
    5. maazi matlaq
    6. maazi qareeb
    7. fail madawi
    8. maazi baeed
    9. tawabay
    10. maazi ahtemali
    11. mazarae
    12. amr
    13. lazmi o mutaidi
    14. mutadi bilwasta
    15. maazi natamam

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    Re: terms of urdu grammar

    Dear fellows,

    Thank you to all of you giving latest information and material about CSS exam but I'm I think how I can make easy this exam? Please suggest me and in which tenure I can Prepare for CSS?.

    Best wishes to all of you.


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