MEDICAL TEST(i) All candidates except disabled must be in good mental
and bodily health and free from any physical defect likely to
interfere with the discharge of their duties. The candidates who
(after such medical examination as Government or the appointing
authority, as the case may be, may prescribe) are found not to
satisfy these requirements, will not be appointed.
(ii) Disabled candidates in the categories of physically
impaired, hearing/speech impaired (deaf & dumb) and visually
impaired (blind) are allowed to compete for Competitive
Examination against four Occupational Groups/ Services viz: (a)
Commerce & Trade Group (b) Pakistan Audit & Accounts Service
(c) Information Group & (d) Postal Group in the following
(1) Disabled candidates viz visually impaired (Blind),
Physically impaired, hearing/speech impaired (Deaf &
Dumb) will be provided helper such as Writer, if so
requested by them in their application forms.
(2) Extra time viz 15 minutes per hour will be allowed to the
visually impaired (Blind) candidates. Request of
Computer literate candidates for provision of computer
equipment etc. to attempt question papers will be
entertained. Examination for such candidates will be held
at Islamabad only. However, no TA/DA etc. will be
Note : Disabled candidates must submit a certificate of disability
issued by the competent authority designated for the
purpose by the Federal/Provincial Government.
(iii) Candidates who qualify in the written examination will
be medically examined by the Medical Boards constituted for the
purpose. If any candidate remains absent twice in his/her Medical
examination, his/her candidature will automatically stand rejected
and no appeal in this regard will be entertained. However, his/her
chance will be considered as consumed.
(iv) In order to prevent disappointment, candidates are
advised to have themselves examined by a Government Medical
Officer of the standing of a Civil Surgeon before applying for
admission to the examination. Particulars of the nature of the
medical test to which candidates will be subjected before
appointment and of the standards required are attached with the
Rules as Annexed.