Books for Commerce PAPER-I

For A part Meigs & Meigs, Accounting
For B Part Managerail and Cost Accounting by Garrison
Both the books are cover the whole Sallybs of this paper.

Economic resources of Pakistan. Problems & Development of Industrial Sector,
Exports & Imports, Economic Planning & Budgeting.
Economics of Pakistan by M. Saeed Nasir[/B]
Salient feature of income tax law in Pakistan. Calculation of total income and
income tax payable under the head of salary, Income from business & profession
and income from house property.
M. Muazzam Moghal, Income Tax Law.
Salient features of Sales Tax Act. Registration under Sales Tax
Act, Furnishing of Returns Under Sales Tax.
M. Muazzam Moghal, Income Tax Law.
Various forms of business organization. Sole proprietorship partnership, joint
stock Company, their formation & management, capital structure
business finance, its sources, short term & long term.
Introduction to business by M. Saeed Nasir
Nature of Business Management, Functions of Management, Planning,
Organizing, Staffing, Motivating, Leadership & Controlling.
Management by Stephen B. Robins, Principles of Management