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(1) The smallest scale maps are

(a) Topographical
(b) Cadastral
(c) Atlas
(d) None of theses

(2) The area between 50 and 70 degree longitude East on a map is

(a) Zone
(b) Gore
(c) Graticule
(d) None of theses

(3) A sector diagram is also called :

(a) Histogram
(b) Bar diagram
(c) Pie diagram
(d) None of theses

(4) Mercator's projection is unsuitable for

(a) Canada
(b) Pakistan
(c) Mexico
(d) All of theses

(5) The greatest annual variation in intensity of direct solar illumination occurs in

(a) Temperate zone
(b) Polar areas
(c) Near to tropic
(d) None of theses

(6) Psychometric measures :

(a) Absolute humidity
(b) Relative humidity
(c) Precipitation
(d) None of theses

(7) Mediterranean climate region has dry summer due to the influence of

(a) ITC
(b) Onshore Trade winds
(c) Subtropical highs
(d) None of theses

(8) How many cal per cm square per minutes the approximate solar constant

(a) 3.00
(b) 2.00
(c) 1.00
(d) None of theses

(9) Land breeze is an example of

(a) Vortex
(b) Geostrophic wind
(c) Convection cell
(d) None of theses

(10) When surface waters in the eastern Pacific are colder than normal, the climate event is called:

(a) La Nina
(b) El Nino
(c) Micro-climate
(d) None of theses

(11) The deepest ocean trench is situated in

(a) Southern Indian Ocean
(b) Northern Atlantic Ocean
(c) Southern Pacific Ocean
(d) None of theses

(12) Saline ocean water freezes only when the temperature drops to :

(a) --2.9 degree C
(b) --0.9 degree C
(c) --1.9 degree C
(d) None of theses

(13) The hydrological cycle is driven by the energy of:

(a) Tides
(b) Waves
(c) Currents
(d) None of theses

(14) Wind abrasion is most powerful above the ground up to the height of:

(a) 3 meters
(b) 2 meters
(c) 1 meter
(d) None of theses

(15) Deposition of basic lava results in the formation of:

(a) Strato volcano
(b) Composite cone
(c) Shield volcano
(d) None of theses

(16) 1 unit increases on the Richter scale means an increase in energy release of an earthquake by:

(a) 10.7 fold
(b) 31.7 fold
(c) 41.7 fold
(d) None of theses

(17) Parallel arrangement of platy minerals in metamorphic rocks is called:

(a) Crystallization
(b) Foliation
(c) Compaction
(d) None of theses

(18) What is the best description for Asthenosphere.?

(a) Hot, ductile with deformable rocks
(b) Weak, hot with rigid rocks
(c) Less dense and more plastic rocks
(d) None of theses

(19) Paternoster lakes are formed due to:

(a) Continental glacial erosion
(b) Glacial-fluvial deposition
(c) Alpine glacial deposition
(d) None of theses

(20) Classification of air-messes depends on their:

(a) Temperature and humidity
(b) Temperature and pressure
(c) Pressure and humidity
(d) None of theses

Q.2. Ocean currents influence the climate,resources and economies of many countries.
Elaborate this statement and give examples.

Q.3. How have earthquake waves helped the scientist to know about the interior of the Earth.?Give a detailed description of the earth's interior with the help of diagrams.

Q.4. Discuss the silent features of monsoon type of climate.What impact does it have on millions living in the South Asia.?

Q.5. Differentiate between weathering, mass wasting and erosion. Give a detailed classification of mass wasting types and their areas of occurrence.

Q.6. Describe the young fold mountain building process with the help of moving Lithosphere Plate Theory.

Q.7. What is meant by Map projection.?Discuss different types of Conical Projection and tell us about their merits and demerits.

Q.8. Write short notes on any two of the following.

(i) Tropical Cyclones
(ii) Tides
(iii) Rock cycle
(iv) Aerial photographs

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Paper 2 MCQs
(1) Population Geogrpahy emerged as a distinct subject in:
(a) 1946 (b) 1950 (c)1953 (d) None of these

(2)_____was the first to plead case for Population Geography in annual meeting of AAG
(a)Hooson (b) Clarke (c) Zelinski (d) None of These

(3) Population Geography is an allied field of:
(a) Sociology (b) Demography (c) Anthropology (d) None of These

(4) As _____ Science, Population Geography heavily depends on statistical data.
(a) Social (b) Physical (c) Emperical (d) None of these

(5) When an enumerator collects the data himself, then it is called as:
(a) primary data (b) meta data (c) Tertiary Data (d) None

(6) In Censues when people are counted where they are found at the time of census is called:
(a) De-facto (b) De-jure (c) De La Santa (d) None

(7) The arithmetic density of population is merely the:
(a) Land to people ratio (b) Man to land ratio (c) Resource to people ratio (d) None

(8) In terms of Population size, Pakistan is _____ largest country of the world.
(a) 6th (b) 8th (c) 11th (d) None

(9) The Continuous Data pertaining to population can be had from:
(a) Sample Surveys (b) Census (c) Vital Registration System (d) None

(10) ____ is a measure of population distribution
(a) Masculinity (b) Density (c) Fecundity (d) None

(11) The Vedic age in South Asia began in 1500 BC with the migration of Indo-Aryans from the:
(a) Potwar Plateau (b) Tibetan Plateau (c) Iranian Plateau (d) None

(12) Hamun-i-Mushkal is a ______ lake in Balochistan:
(a) Playa (b) Ox Bow (c) Man-Made (d) None

(13) The Hills made of sand and clay near Sargodha and Chiniot are:
(a) Nilgri Hills (b) Palnai Hills (c) Kairana Hills (d) None

(14) Thimpu is the capital of:
(a) India (b) Bangladesh (c) Bhutan (d) None

(15) The area between Jhelum and Indus River is called the:
(a) Rachna Doab (b) Sindh-Sagar Doab (c)Bari Doab (d) None

(16) Most of parts of South Asia Countries experience _____ type of rainfall:
(a) Monsoon (b) Convectional (c) Cyclone (d) None

(17) _____ is called the Switzerland of Asia:
(a) The Valley of Peshawar (b) The Valley of Kashmir (c) The Swat Valley (d) None

(18) ______ largely determines the type of vegetation in South Asia:
(a)Rainfall (b) Topography (c) Altitude (d) None

(19) The type of soil found in the Indo-Gangetic plain is called:
(a) Desert Soil (b) Saline Soil (c) Alluvial (d) None

(20) ______ requires more water than any other crop of South Asia:
(a) Cotton (b) Sugar Cane (c) Paddy (d) None

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Q.2- Is there any relation between the 'Holy Quran and Geography? explain your ideas in detail.

Q.3- Which factors effect the distribution of population in the world? Elaborate

Q.4- What is the importance of iron and steel industry? How it plays a major role in the development of any country?

Q.5- Draw a map of Pakistan and show physical features in it.

Q.7- Fresh water shortage is a future threat for Pakistan. Discuss

Q.8- Write notes on any two
a) The green Revolution
b) The Golden Corridor
c) Energy crisis in Pakistan.
d) Causes of rural-urban migration in the world.