NOTE: "attempt only four questions from part II. Eluciate your answer with SKETCHES, DIAGRAM & FLOW CHARTS.

1. Explain the role of town planner as a "technocrat who leads a team of engineers, architects, sociologists, geographers, & environmentalists to ensure rational decision making by politician regarding the future investment for development"

2.Urbanization-is it a curse or blessing? Explain your answer with example in both causes.

3.Land use zoning has been used as a tool to control development stringently. But has this policy helped the job of a development planner? Explain your answer with example from both developing and developed world and suggests its appropriateness or otherwise for our cities.

4-Pakistan was regarded as one of the fastest growing nation of the world in mid 60s and its 5 years plans were used by some nations to boast their economic development. Explain the planning mechanism of Pakistan in historic perspective and identity loopholes in the existing mechanism.

5-How relevant Intelligent Transport System (ITS) are for ensuring safe and efficient Urban mobility in Pakistan? What do you understand about system architecture of IT? Explain behavioural as well as structural views of policy formation.

6.Why policies are important in socio-economic development perspective? Explain behavioral as well as structural views of policy formulation.

7.Short notes on any two of the following:
~Public participation in planning
~Significance of GIS in planning as a spatial analysis tool