Indo-Pak History 2011

Paper 1

2)Akbar fully realized the absence of national spirit in the mughal Empire and tried to bulid one,but history of his dynasty records that he failed in the task.In this context discuss Akbar's policy towards non-Muslims.

3)Internal consolidation rather than territorial expansion was the keynote of Balban's policy.Elucidate

4)By his poslitical reforms and policy of religious toleration Sher Shah laid the foundation of an enlightened government.Discuss.

5)Illtutmish was the real founder of Sultanates in Delhi.Build your own argument on the statement with relevant facts.

6)Khanqahs played an important role in the demonstration of Islamic idea of Tauheed as a working principle in the social life of India.Discuss.

7)Evaluate the role of Ulama and Umara in the development of Sultanate of Delhi.

8)Analyse the impact of the conquest of Sindh led by Muhammad Bin Qasim.Is it correct to say that this conquest was a mere episode in the history of Sub-Continent?

Paper 2

2)The Allahabad Address of Dr.Muhammad Iqbal was a synthesis of several schemes and proposals presented by the Indian Muslims for the solution of Hindu-Muslim issues.Give an historical account of all these schemes and proposals.

3)Discuss different socio-political and religious issues among the Hindus and Muslims,which ended with the 'parting of ways' among them.

4)Critically evaluate the socio economic and religio-political effects of the Khilafat Movement on the life of Indian Muslims.

5)Quaid i Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah was the first Governor General of Pakistan.How do you analyse his administration as a trend setter and a role model for the good governance in present day Pakistan?

6)Trace out the originality of thoughts of at least five Pakistani social intellectuals.Also give a detailed account of their thoughts.

7)Give a historical survey of Pakistan's relations with Turkey.

8)Separation of East Pakistan was a very tragic incident not only for Pakistan but also for the entire Muslim world.Keeping in mind the socio-political causes of this incident,highlight the role played by foreign countries in the separation of East Pakistan.